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What Happened to Disney? By Andrew Alderson

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This special 1st post lies to Disney fans to ask the question, “What was wrong to Walt Disney Studios, had the studio flipped its lid?”

The sad news I must tell you is yes. Disney Studios has completely gone out of control, since 2012 Walt Disney Studios has dramatically transformed from the happiest place on earth, to becoming a complete psychotic, money-grabbing mastermind in the world.

Now let's talk about march of 2012, before becoming a money-grabbing manic, it all starts with John Carter, a film directed by Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo, a CGI animated film made by Pixar Studios.

However John Carter Gets mixed-to-positive reviews, and it was NOT a box-office hit, it was released one week after another film was released, which is a CGI animated feature.

The film, was The Lorax, based on a book by Dr. Suess, John Carter was nuked by an animation studio known to create yellow, pill-shaped, creatures.

That's right, it's the minions, and that studio is Illumination Studios, best known to make Despicable Me.

After Disney was crushed by the minions when John Carter was released, the president of Disney Studios divided to go on a road of recovery starting with Wreck-It Ralph.

The road of recovery didn’t go well as they planned 1 year later on July 3, 2013, with release of The Lone Ranger, Produced by Jerry Buckheimer Productions, this time it is released the same day as Despicable Me 2 released.

The result? It was disastrous, Disney was nuked by the minions again, The Lone Ranger was bombed at the box-office, and the review? The critics where on the minion side, The Lone Ranger has negative reviews and it was a disaster over Walt Disney Studios, and decided they had enough to Universal Studios, while working on Frozen, it was originally going to be a hand-drawn film, but due to the flop of The Lone Ranger it was switched to be a CGI animated feature film.

But if you think no more hand-drawn film is bad news, there more worst news.

LucasFilm and LucasArts Was purchased after The Lone Ranger flopped, after that, LucasArts was shut down for good to focus on Star Wars Episode 7, along with other projects such as Frozen at the time.

Later on that J.J Abram was hired to direct episode 7, and Star Wars was in big trouble.

The drama over the production of Star Wars Episode 7 was getting worse, Harrison Ford, who played Hans Solo in the original trilogy, was injured while filming on episode 7.

Soon on more CGI animated films begin to grow onto disney, and became too much.

It's time to make disney to make less CGI Films and more Hand-Drawn films, to make the return of the magic of Disney.

Stop making yourself the money-grabbing mastermind in the world, you are ruining Walt Disney Studios and Star Wars.

Please end the madness, if Big Hero 6 was released, you will regret it for the rest of your life!

Update 1: Oh Great, now there's Thor as a woman, and the captain america is african-american!
Now disney is screwing marvel too?!

Update 2: Ugh, there's an update from J.J Abrams for a Vlog Post for the charity called, "Force For Change"

See you in Star Wars hell, J.J Arbram, will disney push the date to May the Forth, 2016?
Disney, you are a Star Wars wrecker! }:(

Update 3: Yep, disney is screwing marvel too. IGN reported that 3 Actors had left Marvel's Ant-Man, only because of disney screwing around Ant-Man, or it just because of disney's animated marvel film, Big Hero 6 is on it's way?

Update 4: Uh-Oh, Pixar is screwing The Good Dinosaur with more tearjekers, good job Disney for screwing pixar!

Update 5: Ohhhhhh-nooooo.... Disney is going to bring the same kind of tearjeakers like in Frozen, to Big Hero 6! Disney, you money-grabbing maniacs! Damn You! Damn you all to hell!*
* This clip and quote is from the oringinal Planet of the Apes.

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