Thursday, July 31, 2014

It was time of July 26th i tweeted "Say your long goodbyes to The Hobbit at the as The Hobbit Trilogy goes on the , December 17." and "Say your long goodbyes as The Hobbit Hits for the last time. The Film Trilogy goes into the . "
I think i started that hype using the hastag #EdgeofNight

Note: #Pippinssong was truly haunting.

Update: Oh no! Now they talking this haunting song from the third lotr movie used in the teaser of the final chapter of the hobbit that was shown at the #SDCC. Oh Maaaaaan....

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Planning to make a Play-by-Post Roleplay game.

Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus.

I got to note to you that i am going to make a Play-By-Post Roleplay game.

The play-by-post game will take place into the planet earth as splited into two dementions.

One is the real world that we lived in, and the alternated world that charaters from tv shows, live-actions movies, animated movies, comics, even video games and books.

so the rules is simple: No godmodding, no cheating, there will be fights and on or off-screen deaths or possivbly rapes, some will be graphic, off-screen sex is allowed, not on screen sex, it is a T for teen play by post game and make more storylines as possible.

The play by post game will start soon.

Thank you for reading! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lucy slays The Apes at the box office while Hercules cries like a Winy Baby at #2

In the last post that Hercules will be bailed by Lucy, i am serious, Lucy blows away The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at the box office at #1. And also Lucy nuked Hercules at #2. Yeah, i know it was comming, Hercules was a big Box-Office BOMB!
Ranks via Rentrak
3Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes20th Century Fox$16,400,0003,6684,471$172,088,629
4Purge: Anarchy, TheUniversal$9,896,0402,8563,465$51,272,185
5Planes: Fire and RescueDisney$9,303,0003,8392,423$35,121,000
6Sex TapeSony$5,975,0003,0621,951$26,876,532
7Transformers: Age Of ExtinctionParamount$4,600,0002,4761,857$236,352,475
8And So It GoesFreestyle Releasing$4,551,6871,7622,583$4,551,687
9TammyWarner Bros.$3,400,0002,5621,327$78,147,089
10Most Wanted Man, ARoadside Attractions$2,717,4253617,527$2,717,425
1122 Jump StreetSony$2,500,0001,6131,549$185,654,099
12How To Train Your Dragon 220th Century Fox$2,200,0001,3581,620$165,628,880

Update: Looks like IGN heard me, i am so honest for that piece of news.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Uh Oh, The Predition to put Hercules to slay the apes at the box office is harsher as i thought

Brett Ratner's Hercules Is Bullshit and I Will Never Forgive Him
You can kick me now, in the update from the article "Brett Ratner's Hercules has made Lies, The Johnny Test Way" that hercules will smash the apes at the box office tommorow, yeah, NOT! Jezebel reports that another movie was going to slay the apes at the box office.
The name? A sci-fi thriller with a woman named Lucy.​Lucy Is Slaying Hercules at the Box Office This Weekend
Jezebel Wrote "It looks like this weekend, more people preferred to watch a sci-fi thriller with a woman lead over a testosterone-fueled mythical action flick. Or maybe they were just into Scarlett Johansson more than they were into Dwane "The Rock" Johnson. Or maybe it's just unfair to compare the work of Luc Besson to that of Brett Ratner (b-b-but Rush Hour!Either way,Lucy came out on top this weekend, and that's some great news. Lucy is set to make $35 million this weekend (it had a budget of $40 million) while Hercules(with a budget of $100 million) is estimated to rake in $26-29 million. While neither compare to female-led franchise giants like Hunger Games or even DivergentLucy's is another step in the right direction for action films starring women."
Oh dear. It looks like The Rock bailed the bucket over to Lucy at the box office.
See what happens tommorow. You can blame me now.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Brett Ratner's Hercules has made Lies, The Johnny Test Way

Brett Ratner's Hercules Is A Lie. Don't Fall For It.io9 warns you that Brett Ratner's Hercules Is A Lie. Don't Fall For It. Here's one Qoute at the start,
"First things first: Remember all those awesome Hercules trailers? All those fantastic shots of The Rock fighting the Nemean Lion, the Erymanthian Boar, and the Hydra? If they were what had you thinking about seeing Hercules, don't bother. They are lies."
Oh yes it is, oh wait there's another!
"In fact, not only are they are lies told to potential audiences, they are lies in the movie itself. See, this Hercules isn't a demi-god, a son of Zeus, or even inhumanly strong — he's a regular guy whose impressive but totally mundane feats have sprouted a legend, constantly retold and embellished by his storytelling nephew Iolaus. So all those shots of Hercules performing his Labors and kicking mythological monster ass shown in every single trailer and TV spot? They are part of a montage, as a captured Iolaus tries to intimidate a group of pirates, that ends within the film's first four minutes. I'm not exaggerating: All the monster fight footage is shown at the very beginning, and then is never seen again."
It's look's that was a lie, The Johnny Test Way.
"Because while this is a film ostensibly about Hercules, it lacks the mythology, the monsters, the gods, the amazing feats — any of the details that make Hercules unique and interesting. Instead of being a demigod with incredible strength, Hercules is a regular dude, and Iolaus tells the tales in order to get mercenary work and frighten foes. Instead of a powerful, valiant warrior, he's a mercenary with a heart of gold who longs for a peaceful, quiet life, of course. Instead of battling ferocious monsters and fighting with gods, Hercules gets hired by the kindly lord of Thrace (John Hurt, whose half-assed performance is still better than most of the actors in this movie) to protect his hapless subjects from the evil Rhesus, who wants to conquer all the land."
It's Really a lie, The Johnny Test Way. As seen in the episode from the animated show Johnny Test, "Coming To A Johnny Near You"!

Update: IGN Has reviewed hercules, so what was the score for the the film? Even you know that the film LIED TO US!
Looks like it was mixed to good.
Well see what happens when hercules will smash the apes, or be slayed by the apes at the box office tommorow.

Update 2: You can blame me now, the predition has flailed the flame, Lucy will slay the monkeys instead of Hercules.

Creators of The Legend of Korra Explain Moving to the Internet

Nickelodeon Yanks Legend Of Korra Off TV, Shoves It Online
News heard yesterday that Korra was moving to digital, Accourding to the show's creators at the Comic-Con Panel, Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino adressed that "there's been a big shakeup." They "wanted to address that quickly" but they "don't want to take too much time" because they had came here "to have fun and we have stuff you guys haven't seen yet. But pulling it off the channel and moving it to digital exclusively is part of the huge sea change in the whole industry."

"I'm sure you've seen articles about cable numbers and streaming and companies doing their own content and all sorts of stuff. So obviously we're in the middle of a huge change. And things have changed just for us since we did in Avatar in 2005-2008 and then when we came back in 2012. And when Book 1 of Korra came out it did pretty good on TV but its online presence was just insane. Not only the chatter from all the fans but the actual numbers in terms of digital downloads and streaming, it's just been huge. And as the show's gone along, by Book 2, the numbers in the digital streaming greatly outweighed the channel ." the show's creators said. "It's no secret that Avatar, especially Korra, is not typical Nickelodeon fare. And so they've had kind of a hard time fitting it into their programming. But basically the Book 2 finale, the numbers were insane when they streamed it, when it went on It was the biggest event they had that year. And that show, digital downloads for that season was amazing. And, as you've seen, not so much on the channel. So it's just part of this shift over.
It definitely caught us by surprise and it wasn't necessarily done in the smoothest way and that was upsetting to many of you and us as well.
So, we're moving over to digital. It's actually a plan that was in place earlier and it changed course and then went back in a bit of a messy way. But thanks for sticking with us."
Oh my.  It's sounds like Nickelodeon has gone insane over the internet. That made sense.
"It won't effect what the show is or what stories we're telling. We've already written the scripts, we've finished all the pre-production, we're just doing post and Studio Mir is finishing the animation. Other than it not being on the Nickelodeon main channel nothing is changing. You get to see it, which is the important thing."
WOW, That's Extra MORE sense.
Embedded image permalink
Please GOD! DON'T SHOW THAT CREEPY FACE! Can that #McScary mascot can get any worst?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Since Media Maniac hits many milestones, forgien people now has to choose thier language.

Many milestones means that Media Maniac adds the next topic in media news, Sports.

After a matter of 2 days, the highly viewed Media Maniac hits many milestones, i am proud to announce the next topic of news, Sports that is, thank you for reading and tune in for more news soon.
IGN's Coverage of the San Diego Comic Con starts today at 1:00pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Oh no.... PCWorld, says that Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition was delayed.
Better wait longer for EA's 2 Hot New Games

Korra moves to digital, Bryan Konietzko annouced

Korra moving to digital
A report From NickandMore and IGN said that "Nickelodeon has reportedly removed five episodes of The Legend of Korra from its schedule." Bryan Konietzko commented that Korra has moved to digital distribution. Avatar Spirit said that "Co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino also commented, on his facebook page:

'Hang tight, Korra fans. There is 1 new episode this Friday at 8, then the rest of the season will be available from various sites online. We'll let you know when we have more details. Thanks!'"

The Coverage of The San Diego Comic Con starts today at 1pm Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Media Manac hits 150 Views, Gets a major redisign

When i say in the 100 view milestone blog, i promise you that the blog will be redisigned.
So after hitting 150 it was changed forever, welcome to the new view of Media Maniac.

Now Here's the old look.

And here is the new look

Awesome isn't it?

So in honor, welcome to the new look of Media Maniac!

Due to mis-spelling, the the address is renamed as

"The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies" Promo poster resembles the opening cinematic for WoW: Cataclysm?

Is that me? Or this promo poster for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Resembles the opening cinematic for WoW: Cataclysm?
Oh GOD Yes! YES it accally resembled the opening of WoW: Cataclysm!
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies will come to theaters December 17, 2014.
The annoucment for the Battle of the Five Armies will happen in Comic Con Tommorow.

Comic-Con is tomorrow, but MatPat says "It's A Trap!"

Tomorrow starts the coverage of the San-Diego Comic-Con. But MatPat of Game Theorists, tells you that Comic-Con was a major Geek-Trap!
Remember, the man says "It's a trap!

#MomsAgainistGam is not just a parody account, it's a promotional account for the new film, "Pixels"

View image on Twitter
"Meet @MomsAgainstGam, a noble crusader in the fight to keep our children away from the menace that is video gaming. With powerful tweets like "disease and poverty are a direct result of Gaming," @MomsAgainstGam is helping expose the painful truth that video games must be stopped.
Well, not really. This is a parody account, masterfully constructed by people from the surreal world of weird Twitter. And with that framing in mind, some of their tweets are straight-up hilarious." -Kotaku
Kotaku is right, it is a parody account alright, but there's was something that #MomsAgainistGam do not want to spill the beans.
The truth? It's a promotional account. For what? you said, well it's for Adam Sandler's new film film Pixels.
One Day Our Superhero Gamers Will Earn Some RespectMaybe it is the real truth, maybe Adam Sandler set that promotional stunt for twitter for a parody account.
Pixels is set for a spring 2015 release
Hint: it is a film based on the short film of the same name.

New Logo is live!

The new Media Maniac Logo is live!
That logo is made by me, using MyPaint and Microsoft paint.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Girl Scout Barbie" Spells trouble

People Are Really Pissed About the Girl Scout Barbie
'Girl Scout Barbie'? Sonuds like trouble that really brews through Mattel and Girl Scouts USA, i'm telling you man, Mattel may have been ashamed for themselves for this problem.
Here's Comes trouble Mattel, because i have the song from the show Jem and the Holograms.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Media Maniac hits 100 views

Time to Celebrate! Media Maniac has gone over 100 views, if the blog is lucky to get 150 views, the blog will get a major redisign!
Conan O'Bren, The Mocker of the Death of Archie.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Don't Forget, IGN is having a live coverage on Comic Con 2014 starting July 24th.

1001 Spikes to die, 1001 Grumps of laughs

The Game Grumps just Started playing the Indie Game, 1001 Spikes, Watch part 1 of the let's play.
and for a bonus there's part 2!
Update #1: Part 3 is live, Tune in tommorow for more updates.

The Apes wrecks Sex Tape at the Box Office

Dawn of the planet of the ape still creating bananas at # 1 while they wrecked Sex Tape to shreds at #4.
Meanwille, The Purge: Anarchy and Planes: Fire and Rescue, Tied at #2 and #3 places.

Ranks via Rentak:
1Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes20th Century Fox$36,000,0003,9699,070$138,952,844
2Purge: Anarchy, TheUniversal$28,368,6602,80510,113$28,368,660
3Planes: Fire and RescueDisney$18,000,0003,8264,704$18,000,000
4Sex TapeSony$15,000,0003,0624,898$15,000,000
5Transformers: Age Of ExtinctionParamount$10,000,0003,2243,101$227,156,888
6TammyWarner Bros.$7,605,0003,4022,235$71,253,096
722 Jump StreetSony$4,700,0002,2292,108$180,509,111
8How To Train Your Dragon 220th Century Fox$3,800,0002,1691,751$160,671,895
10Earth To EchoRelativity Media$3,260,0002,4501,330$31,979,314
11Begin AgainThe Weinstein Company$2,762,0001,3022,121$9,487,666

Saturday, July 19, 2014

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Please! Get this #McCreepy mascot out of the GoGurt® Cover!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Nostalgia Critic's Review of BloodRayne

The Nostalgia Critic trashes out in the review of the film adaption of the video game, BloodRayne
Good news walking dead fans, IGN report that Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode 4 is releasing on July 22.

A 'Caddicarus' Review Smashes 'Dalmatians 3' to shame

YouTube User 'Caddicarus' has made comedy gold with his review of Dalmatians 3, a PS2 game that been considered “The Worst Game EVER MADE!

Enjoy the laughs as you can, because that was hilarious review that was next to Nostalgia Critic's Junior review!

“Sweet mother of GOD!”

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Whaaaat?! They are burning their Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus CDs?!!

OMG, Gawker has reported that during Chicago White Sox's "Disco Demolition 2" they asked, "Would like to burn Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus CDs?" Yeah, because we are nuts!

What Happened to Disney? By Andrew Alderson

Hello readers and welcome to Media Maniac, a blog dedicated to entertainment media news for video games, movies, music, and more.

This special 1st post lies to Disney fans to ask the question, “What was wrong to Walt Disney Studios, had the studio flipped its lid?”

The sad news I must tell you is yes. Disney Studios has completely gone out of control, since 2012 Walt Disney Studios has dramatically transformed from the happiest place on earth, to becoming a complete psychotic, money-grabbing mastermind in the world.

Now let's talk about march of 2012, before becoming a money-grabbing manic, it all starts with John Carter, a film directed by Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo, a CGI animated film made by Pixar Studios.

However John Carter Gets mixed-to-positive reviews, and it was NOT a box-office hit, it was released one week after another film was released, which is a CGI animated feature.

The film, was The Lorax, based on a book by Dr. Suess, John Carter was nuked by an animation studio known to create yellow, pill-shaped, creatures.

That's right, it's the minions, and that studio is Illumination Studios, best known to make Despicable Me.

After Disney was crushed by the minions when John Carter was released, the president of Disney Studios divided to go on a road of recovery starting with Wreck-It Ralph.

The road of recovery didn’t go well as they planned 1 year later on July 3, 2013, with release of The Lone Ranger, Produced by Jerry Buckheimer Productions, this time it is released the same day as Despicable Me 2 released.

The result? It was disastrous, Disney was nuked by the minions again, The Lone Ranger was bombed at the box-office, and the review? The critics where on the minion side, The Lone Ranger has negative reviews and it was a disaster over Walt Disney Studios, and decided they had enough to Universal Studios, while working on Frozen, it was originally going to be a hand-drawn film, but due to the flop of The Lone Ranger it was switched to be a CGI animated feature film.

But if you think no more hand-drawn film is bad news, there more worst news.

LucasFilm and LucasArts Was purchased after The Lone Ranger flopped, after that, LucasArts was shut down for good to focus on Star Wars Episode 7, along with other projects such as Frozen at the time.

Later on that J.J Abram was hired to direct episode 7, and Star Wars was in big trouble.

The drama over the production of Star Wars Episode 7 was getting worse, Harrison Ford, who played Hans Solo in the original trilogy, was injured while filming on episode 7.

Soon on more CGI animated films begin to grow onto disney, and became too much.

It's time to make disney to make less CGI Films and more Hand-Drawn films, to make the return of the magic of Disney.

Stop making yourself the money-grabbing mastermind in the world, you are ruining Walt Disney Studios and Star Wars.

Please end the madness, if Big Hero 6 was released, you will regret it for the rest of your life!

Update 1: Oh Great, now there's Thor as a woman, and the captain america is african-american!
Now disney is screwing marvel too?!

Update 2: Ugh, there's an update from J.J Abrams for a Vlog Post for the charity called, "Force For Change"

See you in Star Wars hell, J.J Arbram, will disney push the date to May the Forth, 2016?
Disney, you are a Star Wars wrecker! }:(

Update 3: Yep, disney is screwing marvel too. IGN reported that 3 Actors had left Marvel's Ant-Man, only because of disney screwing around Ant-Man, or it just because of disney's animated marvel film, Big Hero 6 is on it's way?

Update 4: Uh-Oh, Pixar is screwing The Good Dinosaur with more tearjekers, good job Disney for screwing pixar!

Update 5: Ohhhhhh-nooooo.... Disney is going to bring the same kind of tearjeakers like in Frozen, to Big Hero 6! Disney, you money-grabbing maniacs! Damn You! Damn you all to hell!*
* This clip and quote is from the oringinal Planet of the Apes.