Friday, July 25, 2014

Brett Ratner's Hercules has made Lies, The Johnny Test Way

Brett Ratner's Hercules Is A Lie. Don't Fall For It.io9 warns you that Brett Ratner's Hercules Is A Lie. Don't Fall For It. Here's one Qoute at the start,
"First things first: Remember all those awesome Hercules trailers? All those fantastic shots of The Rock fighting the Nemean Lion, the Erymanthian Boar, and the Hydra? If they were what had you thinking about seeing Hercules, don't bother. They are lies."
Oh yes it is, oh wait there's another!
"In fact, not only are they are lies told to potential audiences, they are lies in the movie itself. See, this Hercules isn't a demi-god, a son of Zeus, or even inhumanly strong — he's a regular guy whose impressive but totally mundane feats have sprouted a legend, constantly retold and embellished by his storytelling nephew Iolaus. So all those shots of Hercules performing his Labors and kicking mythological monster ass shown in every single trailer and TV spot? They are part of a montage, as a captured Iolaus tries to intimidate a group of pirates, that ends within the film's first four minutes. I'm not exaggerating: All the monster fight footage is shown at the very beginning, and then is never seen again."
It's look's that was a lie, The Johnny Test Way.
"Because while this is a film ostensibly about Hercules, it lacks the mythology, the monsters, the gods, the amazing feats — any of the details that make Hercules unique and interesting. Instead of being a demigod with incredible strength, Hercules is a regular dude, and Iolaus tells the tales in order to get mercenary work and frighten foes. Instead of a powerful, valiant warrior, he's a mercenary with a heart of gold who longs for a peaceful, quiet life, of course. Instead of battling ferocious monsters and fighting with gods, Hercules gets hired by the kindly lord of Thrace (John Hurt, whose half-assed performance is still better than most of the actors in this movie) to protect his hapless subjects from the evil Rhesus, who wants to conquer all the land."
It's Really a lie, The Johnny Test Way. As seen in the episode from the animated show Johnny Test, "Coming To A Johnny Near You"!

Update: IGN Has reviewed hercules, so what was the score for the the film? Even you know that the film LIED TO US!
Looks like it was mixed to good.
Well see what happens when hercules will smash the apes, or be slayed by the apes at the box office tommorow.

Update 2: You can blame me now, the predition has flailed the flame, Lucy will slay the monkeys instead of Hercules.

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