Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Suicide is a TMZ Hoax by Andrew Alderson

You all have been heard that Robin Williams commited suicide, well I came to tell you that this big news story is false.

I really got tell that this a scandalizim story, it's all made up, it's TMZ's fault that made this story, and I belive this is a proof that this story is made up.

TMZ is best known for making scandalizing stories, if of this 'real' story, haha this is not true.
If everyone could belive this story is false, now you that TMZ is scandal.

I am sorry for this interuption but this story that Robin Williams commited suicide is plain old urban legend.

This story is false, and I made proof that this story is scandalizim.

After this Robin Williams suicide fiasco. I am glad that this story is hoax.

This rumor is false

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